Hardscaping & Softscaping

Hardscape, or "hardscaping" consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping, especially any masonry work or woodwork. For instance, stone walls, concrete or brick patios, tile paths, wooden decks and wooden arbors would all be considered part of the hardscape. Therefore, anything used in landscaping that is not part of the softscape can be considered a hardscape element, including home accents such as water fountains, sidewalks, patios, retaining walls and, yes, even pink flamingoes!

Whether your yard is a place to relax, entertain, enjoy a view or have fun with the kids, the key to a fabulous yet functional landscape plan is defining the space. Paths, patios and pergolas help you do just that.

Allsorts of Landscaping will help you create the hardscape of your dreams.

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